Contact me directly or via CHEOS service request (indicating that you'd like to get statistical consults from me) if you'd like to collaborate with me on a research project.

2009-2015, worked as a consultant in the department of medicine, UBC, collaborating with health researchers for analyzing data in relation to Multiple Sclerosis research. Also worked as a consultant for the "Statistics Short Term Consulting Service" (STCS) during the same period.

As a statistical consultant, I try to provide statistical advice and guidance to clients interested in making decisions in the deign or in the analysis stage. I have completed two grad level consulting courses and dealt with clients requiring statistical advice to answer statistical problems in various fields, such as medicine, biology, genetics, forestry, robotics, mechanical engineering, social inequality, etc. 

Previously I have conducted applied and/or theoretical research, consulting and collaboration on a variety of data / analytic settings: such as: 
  • Causal Inference
    • Fitting marginal structural models, propensity score modelling and drawing causal diagrams
  • Biostatistics
    • frailty model, i.e., random effect model for time-to-event data, 
  • Epidemiology 
    • measurement error model in classical and Bayesian, 
    • dealing with a given set of epidemiological analysis in SPSS, Stata and R
  • Orthopedic / medical
    • measure of cartilage health and comparison; 
    • statistical analysis on schizophrenia patients, 
  • HIV / antiretroviral therapy
    • exploring the impact of hunger on virological suppression among HIV+ illicit drug users receiving treatment
  • Neuroimmunology
    • recommendation about analysis of a given database to compare drug exposed patients
  • Forestry 
    • estimating time since death of mature Lodgepole pine using a sapwood calibration method; 
    • measuring association among the forest structure and water resources, 
  • Social statistics 
    • three-step feasible generalized least squares or FGLS on poverty data, 
    • mobility
  • Meteorology
    • Markov chain for modeling the daily rainfall occurrence 
  • Neuroethics
    • recommendation about software to analyze a given database
  • Robotics 
    • comparison of quantitative evaluation of OA removal methods based nn EEG signals etc.