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Editorial / Commentary

Invited Editorial
  • Karim, M. E. (2013) "Can joint replacement reduce cardiovascular risk?" (The role of propensity score matching and landmark analysis in interpreting observational studies of treatments) BMJ; 347:f6651 (Link [HTML, PDF])

Letter to the Editor / Reply

Rapid Response

Refereed Articles

Journal Articles
  • Karim, M. E.Gustafson, P. (2016) "Hypothesis Testing for an Exposure-Disease Association in Case-Control Studies under Non-differential Exposure Misclassification in the presence of Validation Data: Bayesian and Frequentist Adjustments", Statistics in Biosciences8 (2): 234–252. DOI: 10.1007/s12561-015-9141-9 (Abstract, [HTML, PDF])
    • This work was presented at an invited session at a conference.
  • Shirani A., Zhao, Y. Petkau J., Gustafson P., Karim M. E., Evans C., Kingwell E., van der Kop M.L., Oger j. and Tremlett H. (2015) "Multiple sclerosis in older adults: the clinical profile and impact of interferon beta treatment", BioMed Research International. DOI: 10.1155/2015/451912 (Abstract, [HTMLPDF]).
  • Gibbs, E. and Karim, M. E and Oger , J; the Steering Committee of the BENEFIT study (Gilles Edan, Mark S. Freedman, Hans Peter Hartung, Ludwig Kappos, David Miller, Xavier Montalbán, Dirk Pleimes, Christoph Pohl, Chris Polman, Rupert Sandbrink). "Antibody dissociation rates are predictive of neutralizing antibody (NAb) course: A comparison of interferon beta-1b-treated patients with transient versus sustained NAbs", Clinical Immunology; DOI: j.clim.2014.12.005, (Abstract, paper link [HTML, PDF])

    • Gustafson, P.; Karim, M. E. "When Exposure is subject to Nondifferential Misclassification, are Validation Data helpful in Testing for an Exposure-Disease Association?"
    • Fontela, P.S.; Quach, C; Karim, M. E.; Willson, D.; Gilfoyle, E.; McNally, J.D.; Gonzales, M.; Papenburg, J.; Reynolds, S.; Lacroix, J.; on behalf of Canadian Critical Care Trials Group and Pediatric Acute Lung Injury and Sepsis Investigators. "Determinants of Antibiotic Tailoring In Pediatric Intensive Care: a National Survey"
    • Karim, M. E.; Pang, M.; Platt, R. Can We Train the Machine Learning Methods to outperform the High-dimensional Propensity Score Algorithm?
      • This work was presented at an invited session at a conference.

    Book Chapter


    Technical Report

    • YanlingCai, Jing; Chen, Jessica; Golchi, Shirin; Guan, Meijiao; Karim, M. E.; Liu, Yang; Tomal, Jabed; Xiong, Chao; Zhai, Yongliang; Lum, Conroy; Welch, W.J.; Zidek, James V. (2016) "An empirical experiment to assess the relationship between the tensile and bending strengths of lumber", Technical report 276, Department of Statistics, University of British Columbia. (reportPDF)
    • Shirani, A  and Zhao, Y and Karim, M. E and Evans, C and Kingwell, E and van der Kop, M and Oger , J and Gustafson, P and Petkau, J and  Tremlett, H (2013). An observational study from British Columbia, Canada: interferon-beta treatment and disability progression in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. siicsalud (Neurology) [Authors' Report]
    • See the list of unpublished reports / drafts here.


    • "Causal Inference Approaches for Dealing with Time-dependent Confounding in Longitudinal Studies, with Applications to Multiple Sclerosis Research" under supervision of Paul Gustafson, Petkau, John, with Tremlett, Helen UBC in the supervisory committee (PhD, Fulltext)
      • supported by a PhD studentship from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada and by grants from the National MS Society and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.
    • "Evaluating the Performance of Hypothesis Testing in Case-Control Studies with Exposure Misclassification, using Frequentist and Bayesian Techniques" under supervision of Paul Gustafson, UBC (masters, fulltext)
    • "Comparative Study on the different approaches of Frailty Model: A simulation Study" under supervision of A.H.M. M. Latif, ISRT, DU (masters, abstract, fulltext)
    • "Modeling the Daily Rainfall Occurrence: A stochastic approach" under supervision of S.S. Hossain, ISRT, DU (undergraduate, abstract, fulltext)

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