• Web-Apps related to teaching issues related to Causal Inference.
  • Web-Apps related to teaching issues related to RCT.

Videobook on R


  • R package IPTW for standardization in the point-treatment setting and inverse probability weighting in the longitudinal setting. Available via my Github page
  • Check out my Stata conference presentation about how to run a marginal structural model using Stata and a Stata version of the data simulation code to generate survival data suitable for marginal structural Cox model (coded in mata language: also available in SAS IML). 

Computational Contributions to Books

  • Acknowledged in Miguel A. Hernan and James M. Robins' upcoming  "Causal Inference" text book's web page for contributing R analysis codes of the following chapters (also Stata for chapter 13, 14). The codes are available from the book's  web page (see my corresponding GitHub page).
    • chapter 12: "IP weighting and marginal structural models"
    • chapter 13: "Standardization and the parametric G-formula"
    • chapter 14: "G-estimation of structural nested models"

Software Tutorials

See some of my software Web-tutorials in Web-tutorials page. Here is one example:

Stan for the beginners [Bayesian inference] in 6 mins

Software Skills

Statistical Programming languages
Also exposed to the following software lists at various levels of expertise for teachingresearch and/or consulting:
General programming languages (Working knowledge):