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WebApps for Causal Inference

Causal Inference

  • Teaching Propensity scores by example: PS Oracle.
    • Data from Neugebauer, Romain, and Mark van der Laan. "Why prefer double robust estimators in causal inference?." Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 129.1 (2005): 405-426.
  • Teaching Inverse probability weights by example: IPW Oracle.
    • Default values from Hernán MA, Robins JM (2016). Causal Inference. Boca Raton: Chapman & Hall/CRC, forthcoming
    • Also values from Robins J.M., Hernán M.Á., and Brumback B. Marginal structural models and causal inference in epidemiology. Epidemiology, 11(5):550–560, 2000 are provided.
  • Teaching Marginal structural models (2 time-points) by example: MSM (two time points) Oracle.
    • Default values from Robins, James M., and Miguel A. Hernán. "Estimation of the causal effects of time-varying exposures." Longitudinal data analysis (2009): 553-599.
  • Teaching Marginal structural models (2 time-points, binary outcome) by example: MSM (two time points, Y binary) Oracle.