Refereeing Articles For Journals

  • Statistics in Medicine (SIM)
  • American Journal of Epidemiology (AJE)
  • Epidemiology (Epi)
  • Biometrical Journal (BJ)
  • Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety (PDS)
  • British Medical Journal (BMJ)
  • Journal of Biomedical Analytics (JBA)
  • R Journal (RJ)
  • International Journal of Statistics and Probability (IJSP)
  • Journal of Neurology & Neuromedicine (JNN)

Conference Session Chairing

Judging Poster Competition

Conference / Seminar Organizer

Software Workshop Organizer

  • Organizing Graduate Student Computing Sessions on “Guidelines for coding, verifying correctness and profiling in R” in Statistics Department, UBC, summer 2009. 
  • Organized the Summer workshop series of the following topics in Summer 2010 in Department of Statistics, UBC for the graduate students of Statistics department, UBC. Slides can be obtained from here.
    • Unix, 
    • programming practices, 
    • Smoothing, 
    • WinBUGS
    • R with C++

Elected Positions

  • Associate Graduate Representative (Social Catalyst)Statistics Department, UBC in 2008-09. 
    • Responsibilities were to 
      • organizing Graduate Student Seminar series each week, 
      • managing cultural and social activities within the department.
  • Associate Vice-President (Liaison), ExecutiveBangladesh Students' Association (BSA), Alma Mater Society (AMS) club, UBC in 2008-09. 
    • Responsibilities included 
      • keeping contact with to all incoming Bangladeshi students to UBC and 
      • provide relevant information when requested, 
      • providing initial backup when they arrive in Canada for the first time.
    • Responsibilities were to 
      • discuss and vote in the council meetings on important student issues, and 
      • act as representative for graduate students to the university administration.

Serving in Committees

Related to Conference / Seminar Activities

  • Headvan Eeden speaker seminar (student voted) organizing committee, 2012-13Statistics Department, UBC
    • Responsibilities were to
      • Select a speaker based on student votes, 
      • Communicating with the guest speaker,
      • keep in touch with department staff members,
      • budget, solicit additional funds, and arrange van Eeden seminar
  • MemberJoint UBC/SFU student seminar in committee in 2012-2013 (term I)
    • Responsibilities were to
      • Motivating UBC students to present,
      • Communicate with the SFU organizers,
      • Help organize the Joint UBC / SFU student seminar
  • MemberGraduate Student Seminar series organizing committee in Statistics Department, UBC 2008-2009 (term I and II) and 2010-11 (term I and II).
    • Responsibilities were to
      • Motivating students to present their research topic,
      • Organize Graduate student seminar.

Volunteer works for UBC community

Graduate Program 
  • Committee for faculty-wide IT review from the Department of Statistics, UBC, 2013
  • Volunteer for “Buddies program” for incoming statistics graduate students, UBC, 2011 
  • Volunteer for statistics graduate students’ trip, UBC, 2008
  • Volunteer of raising fund for statistics graduate students through undergrad practice examination package sells, UBC, 2008-10
Department Web-mastering
Chairing Committees
Community volunteering

Contributor in Wikipedia

  • Active contributor of Wikipedia in Bengali domain related to the pages of history of Bangladesh and Statistics in general. 

Professional Membership